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# 111 Sailing St Lucia – -Caribbean Regatta – Tropical Island Party – Is it better without clothes?

What a great sail from St Lucia heading south in the Caribbean Sea. Perfect weather. Perfect wind. And the answer is YES, It’s aways better without clothes! We arrive in Bequia just in time for their Sailing Regatta. What a blast!

# 110 Rum gets us in Trouble on a French Caribbean Island – Crazy American Sailors

While taking a land tour around a French Caribbean Island, stopping at rum factory after another, was probably not a good idea. Rum always gets us in trouble and we do crazy things. But… it is always entertaining to watch a few sailors go a bit wild.

Unbelievable Underwater Experience! Watch what happens to me! Wow! Incredible!

This is too incredible to explain. Just watch what happens to this female diver in the Caribbean Sea!

# 109 French Caribbean Island – Nude Beaches, Mermaids, Relics, and Whales – What’s not to love?

Martinique in the French Caribbean is a place full of history both on land and in the sea. The relics and ruins are fascinating pieces of the past but of course, it takes a bunch of crazy sailors (both American and English) to make it ridiculously fun! Join us forRead More …

# 108 Our favorite anchorage is now a disappointment. Caribbean dreams shattered. Why?

Cara has dreamed of getting back to her favorite anchorage in the Caribbean. It’s been two years since SV Music has traveled back there. And things are just not what they were. Why?!

# 107 Martinique Red Devil Carnival! Champagne makes her clothes fall off!

# 107 Martinique Red Devil Carnival! Champagne makes her clothes fall off! The french islands are so good to us. So much good food, tasty baguettes and not to mention Cara’s favorite…delicious CHAMPAGNE! Karnaval (Carnival} hits the streets of St Anne, Martinique, and Cara may have had a bit tooRead More …

# 106 Caribbean Sailing is not always Champagne Sailing. But Martinique is the place for it

Champagne Sailing is a term for those that only like to take the boat out in perfect weather, mild winds and calm seas. Well, that just isn’t always the case. As we travel north to St Lucia and see the astonishing Pitons, we get to moor right between them. AndRead More …

# 105 -Holiday Fun, Sea Sick Run, Octo One-on-one – Blue Water Sailing Caribbean Island

While in a rush to get to their favorite Caribbean island for the holidays, we picked a bad sailing day and Cara was one sea sick sailor. But the beautiful island and special marine life quickly made it all worth while.

# 104 This is how we DO IT in the islands! Octopus Porn? HideNSeek for BOOBIES on a Caribbean Island

This is how we do it in the islands! From Holidays to Sexy Hide and Seek on the beach. Our Caribbean travels are not traditional but we celebrate any chance we can in any way we can! Now Octopus Porn is when it REALLY gets weird. hahaha

#102 Disaster ending to our USA RV trip. Dangerous. Shocking. F**king Scary!

We did not expect our trip to end like this. Part two of our visit to the US from our normal life in the Caribbean. The RV took us around to visit friends and family, and we enjoyed such fun and adventure… until …. a terrible accident left us withRead More …

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