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Reviews -Smelly Head, Smelly Head

Nothing could be more foul than a constant air of toilet stench which only seems to get worse with heat!  Our beloved boat was manufactured in 2000 so that equals a WHOLE lot of toilet use.


So while I was out of town, Captain Ed (what a sweetheart!) undertook the DIRTY job of repairing and upgrading our 2 heads.  Both heads were Jabsco manual toilets original to the boat.


The previous owner had a plethora of spare parts on board so he went through the inventory and found one Jabsco pump replacement mechanism. Boom, one head down and on to the next head. BUT no more spare parts for this head so off to West Marine!

Ed was on a mission to find either a replacement part for the manual head or a kit to rebuild.  The entire toilet was ON SALE for just $20 more than the rebuild kit and $10 more than the replacement pump (which they didn’t have in stock)! WINNING!

West Marine is great about having awesome sales, one day email perks, and Gold card member benefits which add up points.  These points equal “marine dollars” to use in their store.  We LOVE the triple points from West Marine!

***Side note, we purchased the Tow Boat US package at a discount and also got immediate Gold status.  A towing package is ALWAYS a must for boaters.  We will have to share stories about us using this in the past later.


A newly installed head and a replaced pump mechanism did not solve all of our smelly problems although it helped dramatically. As it turns out, the waste hoses to the holding tank were 18 years old and in need of replacement.  These hoses in their curves environment, can leave residual “dooky” in them.  There seems to be no way to clean hoses that have been saturated over time.  Replacement is the next option.

So Eddie called Beneteau for those replacement hoses only to be told that since this vessel was built in France, the hoses were metric not standard/SAE. But unfortunately the only metric size hoses available for purchase are a different size than the ones we need.  (Production on our particular hoses has stopped).

Beneteau’s solution was to use a tape to force one size to connect to another size.  Considering that this is connected to a THRU-HULL, this does not seem like a viable solution. So what now?

It looks like the only solution to replace those bad hoses is to replace both the holding tank and all of the connectors to the new standard.  This is a pricey and time-consuming project.  We would love if someone had an alternate solution for us.  Comments are much appreciated.

Review results:

Jabsco toilets are great products. Beneteau offers good customer service but unfortunately for us, the two country standards just don’t match.



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