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Wow Shark Tagging on the Beach Ep Six

When we spent some time in the beautiful town of Charleston, SC, we were lucky enough to happen across an amazing event, SHARK TAGGING!

After a great birthday dinner at The Obstinate Daughter, we made our way down to watch the sun set near the Fort Moultrie point on Sullivan’s Island. My brother, John, and his beautiful wife, Celine, were gracious enough to show us their favorite beach/sunset location.

The view was absolutely beautiful. I love watching the sun set behind that majestic bridge but we got an unexpected treat while we were there!


Some guys had large rigs fishing in the surf. We watch them pull up at least five sharks!! They were volunteers working for NOAA to tag the Sharks and track them in their migration.

These guys volunteer their own time, money, and equipment to help scientists discover more information about these amazing ocean creatures. And it was just in time for shark week! #sharkweek

It was disappointing to hear that $500 worth of fishing equipment was stolen out of the back of their truck in the parking area just 200 feet away from where they were fishing. I’m sure in the excitement of catching these sharks, and even wading into waist-deep water to bring them to the shore, they never thought to look back at their vehicles. I really believe in the goodness in the world and I saw it in these volunteers. It was a disappointing realization to know that there are people who would steal from others, much less from guys doing a great volunteer service.

Anyway, I hope that they were able to recoop the money for their lost equipment. I suggested they start a GoFundMe to help!

But we were so jazzed to see the shark “tag and release” up close. It was exciting and exhilarating for us. I can only imagine how much more exciting it was for them!


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